Welcome to Discoveries Revealed

Header1280x400For those who are awake enough to know that something is wrong with society but are willing to look behind the vale of secrecy to see who is doing what and how we can make personal changes in our lives in order to create a better society.

If this discribes how you feel, then welcome. If this is not for you, there are millions of other blogs who talk about trivia that you can go to.

(Make sure you see part 1. Part 1 could not be imbedded, so part 2 was; total 5 parts.)

At Discoveries Revealed, here is what we do. We have weekly private meetings where each person can bring up what they discovered for themselves, such as: government, medical, historical and other cover-ups. Nothing is taboo, but we don’t get outlandish nor do we get trivial. So, use your common moral discresion. Wherever you live, we encourage you to have your own private – at home meetings. If you have an office to meet in, great.

Discoveries Revealed is not an organized group, as we don’t want labels on us. Of course, the enemy will still make their own labels, so let them do as they will.

Well, make posting here as our little group thinks it would be interesting to others – not only in our meeting but world-wide.

With this in mind, let Truth and Freedom prevail.